Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Make-Up School Traincase

As all of you may already know, I'm sooo excited for my next Artistic Make-Up class this coming Saturday and I've already prepared my stuff. I actually bought my all-black traincase a couple of weeks back and I've been trying to "accessorize" it using my old accessories collection and some scrapbooking stuff. Haha! Ain't it cute???

I've also been slowly loading it with stuff for make-up school. I haven't completed the list RB gave us during our first meeting but my traincase is almost full already. I don't think I'll be able to dump my existing brushes as well as the Suesh brush set I ordered in there anymore. It's also as heavy as hell...I shoudl've bought the trolley type, but I thought it was too big for my needs.  Oh well, this should do for now. I'll consider upgrading once I finish school! I just hope I'll be able to lug this around for 6 more weeks...Hahaha


  1. hi, uhm, where did you get your traincase? i need one for makeup school too, and yours look just about right.. :)

  2. Hi Claire! So sorry for the late reply, but I got this traincase from a stall in Quiapo. I forgot which street it was but it's along the street beside the Church...It's the only shop selling Hair & Make-up tools on that street so you won't miss it!


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