Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Artisic Make-Up Day 1 @ LCI Manila

Yes! Mea and I enrolled at the Lasalle College International's Artistic Make-Up Weekend Course under RB Chanco. Among the 3 schools that offered the Weekend Make-Up courses, it seems LCI had the best course outline and instructor. Aside from this, LCI's real advantage is that they  offer an International Certificate plus apprenticeship hours.

And so we had our first class last Saturday, Oct 30. We are now actually the 27th batch for the Artistic Make-Up course at LCI. RB started the orientation via a little getting to know you with questions like, why take up the Artistic Make-Up Course in LCI, if we want to pursue make-up artistry, must have cosmetic item, favorite brand of make-up, favorite beauty icon, make-up artist, etc... It was fun as RB would wittily comment on each of our answers.

After the round of getting to know you's, she had asked us to choose our dressers and to bring our own personalized nameplates which we can post on our area for next week. She then discussed the essential tools and make-ups we would need for class. And boy was it a LOOONG list! I know I've started buying stuff for make-up school weeks ahead, but I never thought that I would need to buy a lot more. The good thing was she never forced us to buy expensive brands but instead offered us brands from low end to high end that we could use for class. I had never thought that local brands like Fanny Serrano, Ever Bilena and Nichido would make it to her list, but they were there and it provided us students with cheaper alternatives to MAC, Nars, Shu Uemura, Make Up For Ever, etc. I was also glad to see drugstore brands like Maybelline, L'Oreal, Covergirl, Max Factor and Revlon on her list as they are readily available everywhere.
We were also asked to purchase a set of brushes and she recommended either Suesh (which was actually pronounced as Sush, according to Nica, RB's teaching assistant) or Dashe' as good starter brush sets, i.e. if we are not yet ready to spend on MAC brushes. I personally asked RB which one among the two is better but she just safely said both are okay. She actually mentioned 3 sets we can choose from:
21 pc. set from Suesh @ P3,500

My classmates and I are actually confused on which set to get. I have heard a lot of good reviews already about Suesh brushes while I know little about Dashe. However the price point of the Dashe brush set is indeed much better than Suesh. Confusing right?

In the end, I chose to order the 21pc. set from Suesh since I was thinking, I have a few MAC brushes already and I still intend to add more of them in the near future. I'll be getting the Suesh set on our next session and hence I wouldn't know if I made the right choice until then.

After the class, some of my classmates and I had lunch at Greenbelt and went to Landmark and MAC to buy and reserve some of the stuff we need for next week. I still have a few more items from the list that I need to buy. Oh boy!

Anyway, I can't wait until this Saturday, we'll be having a MAC Master's Class under Mikee of MAC Glorietta. After which, we'll be heading back to school to learn about the prime look. I'm still looking for my model for Saturday, though. So if any of you are interested, the session will be from 1PM onwards. Just message me if you trust me enough to give you a make-over....hahaha...=)


  1. i'm very interested to join this class but i'm not so sure whether my budget would make it... would you be able to share with us the list of essentials we need to buy..? thanks.

  2. @Anonymous, I wish you left your name so I can address you properly :)

    Anyway, LCI closed down already. If you still want to train under RB Chanco, she still offers classes at SoFA Manila so you can check out the schedules with them. The only drawback is they do not offer an "international certificate".

    If you wish to be internationally certified, there's MAKEUP DESIGNORY
    at Serendra.

    As for the essentials,I'm thinking of doing a post on that, more of a guide if you want to enroll in make-up school, so please watch out for it in the coming weeks. =)

  3. hi where I can contact the lasalle college international manila, what is their telephone numbers? can you email me the details like tuituion fee and other things..

    thanks I really need to know :))

  4. Is LCI really closed? I'm planning to enroll for the Artistic Make-up course. Thanks

  5. Last I heard, LCI closed down. If you guys still want to train under RB Chanco (which I highly recommend), she offers the same course at SoFA.

  6. im really interested with this.. amh.. can you
    please send me the contact number of sofa manila or ms RB chanco.. it will be really great hearing from you hopefully please email me krizhelmargaretsamonte@gmail,com


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