Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Artistic Make-Up Day 5 @ LCI : Color Themes

Last Saturday was our 5th Artistic Make-Up Class. Can't believe how time came by so fast. In 2 more weeks we'll be having our finals portfolio photoshoot! Yikes!

Anyway, I was so glad that our class started at 8AM again, which meant we ge6 to go home in the early afternoon so I have more time with Joaquin!

Irish was supposed to model for me last Sat, but she backed out the last minute because "something came-up". It's a good thing though that dear Chrissie, my friend and officemate who was supposed to model for me the other Saturday was free.

We started with the evaluation of the 4-color smoky eyes and false lashes application. I think I did a tiny bit better than the previous week so I guess it's okay, but I'm still hoping to do a lot better in our next evaluation. Below are some shots from the smoky eyes look that I did to Chrissie.
Chrissie's before
almost done

Smoky (no flash)
smoky (w/flash)

After the evaluation, RB taught us about eye color themes using the color wheel. It felt like going back to art class when she started talking about Pure, Tint, Tone and Shade. For practice, she gave us four colors, Pink, Green, Blue and Violet to work on. Here are some pics of how it turned out on Chrissie.

building the colors
colorful eye make-up
reminds me of peacock feathers
Chrissie & Odessa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Instant Practice Make-up

Last Friday, some of my dear officemates asked me to give tham a "going-out-for-dinner-with-friends" make-up look.
I wasn't really prepared for it, hence I did their make-up sans any foundation/concealers... =P
Lesson learned: I need to bring enough make-up on a daily basis for instant make-up sessions!

SoFA Manila's Fashion Capsules

The School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) Manila launched 3-hour workshops dubbed "Fashion Capsules" this November to December 2010. Topics for each class are quite interesting.  Registration fee is only Php 2,300 including snacks.

I personally would want to attend the Trendspotting and Fashion Business workshop, but sadly, my schedule (make-up class and work) is quite full.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CAS & Elite Model's Fashion MAKE-UP WORKSHOP

The Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS) will be having another BASIC MAKE-UP ARTISTRY workshop this coming Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010. This time, it will be in partnership with Elite Model's Fashion Cosmetics.

I had the opportunity of joining their workshop with MAC a couple of months ago and it was a pretty good experience especially for someone who has little or no knowledge about make-up at all.

If interested, call the numbers above or check out the CAS Website.

QAccessories Holiday 2010 Collection

I'm currently creating the items to be included in the Holiday Collection of QAccessories. Watch out for its launch this December only at QONLINE.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Artistic Make-Up Day 4 @ LCI : Lip Contouring & Smokey Eyes

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Yesterday was our fourth day on the Artistic MakeUp Weekend course at LCI. We had our evaluation for the semi-smokey and contouring followed by a lecture and demo on lip contouring and smokey eyes. I never thought that smokey eyes had 4 types. Haha!

I already asked Chrissie to be my model for the afternoon class but it was moved to 8AM, and she's no longer available in the morning. Hence,  I was left without a model, but Thank God for Shiela (Joaquin's yaya) as she saved me by agreeing to model for me at the last minute. 

In the end, I actually preferred having the class in the morning till early afternoon as I didn't feel too tired or stressed afterwards. Since we ended early, I was also able to go with hubby and Joaquin to his cousins' birthday party.

Anyway, below are some shots from class:
Sheila, BEFORE
Almost done (semi-smokey)

semi-smokey eyes
RB in class
smokey eyes
with falsies
final look
Carmela (Mea's model) + Sheila
group shot

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - Movie Date with Hubby

Last night was the first time hubby and I went out for a movie date since the time I got pregnant last year...Oh my, it's been over a year ago. I just realized how we've always been busy with work and would instinctively rush home to take care of Joaquin. All our free time was spent with him, and I don't regret doing that. But honestly, it somehow felt good that even for about 3 hours, we got to spend time together last night.

It was kinda strange that for a Harry Potter movie, the cinema wasn't full. We watched it on the 830PM screening, pretty much the "primetime" slot for movies so I found this quite strange. Anyway, I haven't read any of the books and just watched all of the Harry Potter films so although some people may have told me about the story of this book a while back, I didn't really know what to expect from the film.

The film was kinda long, and some portions of the film, especially the ones where Harry, Hermione and Ron were hiding kinda felt a little dragging. I knew a lot of deaths would be happening on this last installment of the saga, but Dobby's heroic death got me into tears. I super hate that crazy Bellatrix for throwing the knife at them while they were "disapparating."

All in all the movie was okay, but it left me hanging. Now that Voldemort took the most powerful wand from Dumbledore, who can stop him?

Monday, November 15, 2010

MAC Tartan Holiday 2010 Special Edition Brush Sets

Every holiday season MAC releases special edition brush sets. These brushes are normally smaller than the usual MAC brushes. Some reviews even say that its of less quality than full-size MAC brushes, but still better than other brands. In my opinion though, for its price (normally below US$50), these 5 smaller MAC brushes (which is actually just the right size for travel), would still give you the bang for your buck!

These year, they came up with 3 sets as follows:

Sweep and Define Brush Collection
Includes the ff. face and eye brushes:
  • 129 SE (powder/blush brush)
  • 190 SE (foundation brush)
  • 212 SE (flat definer brush)
  • 227 SE (large fluff brush)
  • 275 SE (medium angle brush)
It also comes with a multi-purpose tartan bag (7.25" x 7.25")
Price: US$ 49.50

If you were to buy the full-size brushes from this set, it will actually cost you almost US$150.

Buff & Line Brush Collection
Includes the ff. face and eye brushes;
  • 168 SE (large angle brush)
  • 187 SE (duo-fibre brush)
  • 209 SE (eye liner brush)
  • 219 SE (pencil brush)
  • 252 SE (large shader brush)
It also comes with a multi-purpose tartan bag (7.25" x 7.25")
Price: US$ 49.50

If you were to buy the full-size version of the brushes from this set, it will cost you almost US$ 140

Apply, Define & Line Brush Collection
This set includes the ff. face and eye brushes:
  • 194 SE (concealer brush)
  • 204 SE (lash brush)
  • 224 SE (tapered blending brush)
  • 266 SE (small angle brush)
  • 275 SE (medium angle brush)
It also comes with a tartan pouch (10.25" x 5.25")
Price; US$ 49.50

If you were to buy the full-size version of these brushes, it will set you back by over US$100

I'm totally digging the black and gold theme for this year over last year's all black version. Checked with the local M·A·C store and they are expecting the collection to arrive anytime within the week. Hurry girls and head straight for the counters! =)


Dear Santa, I've been very good this year, I wouldn't mind having any of these sets stuffed inside my stockings! hahaha

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Practice Make-up: Prime + Semi-smokey

I asked Shiela, Joaquin's yaya if she's willing to be my model for the night and she excitedly agreed. Being in her late teens, I knew a make-over will surely up her spirits. I was supposed to practice the prime look then contouring and smokey look on her, but since she's a little dark skinned, my powder for contouring wasn't working.

Anyway, I just  did the prime look then a semi smokey look. Well, I just think I should've made the semi-smokey a bit darker so it would appear more on the pictures as it did in person.

Here are the pics:
Sheila before
prime look


another take
semi-smokey eyes

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Artistic Make-Up Day 3 @ LCI : Contouring & Highlighting, Semi-Smokey Look

Yesterday was our 3rd day in class. We were supposed to have an OJT at UST at 7 AM but the faculty cancelled so we only started classes at 1 PM. It's a good thing this happened since the 3rd day of class was a long  and excruciating one! Haha... It was our first evaluation on the Prime Look and I got an average score of mostly 3's and 4's with a total look achieved of 4 out of 5. I'm super glad that after correcting and being OC about my model's brows, RB told me that I almost, almost got it. So more practice for me then till I get it perfectly.

Here are some shots of Dolly, my good friend and model for the day on the prime look (Pardon me for the crappy shots, these were taken from my Iphone as I left my DSLR at home):

fresh face

slowly building
almost done

the prime look

After the primelook we did countouring and highlighting. Basically if we want any area to recede, then we have to contour, if we want to accentuate any area, we highlight. I need to make apply the contours more lightly so as to avoid the burnt look. Anyway, here's how it looked like on Dolly:
see the difference from her pics above?
her face is less fuller now

The class didn't end there,we also learned how to do the semi-smokey look which actually consists of 4 progressive colors. Below's my first take on the semi-smokey look:
building the eyeshadow
final semi-smokey look

Friday, November 12, 2010

Practice Make-Up: Eyebrows

Haaay! Creating the perfect eyebrows is really killing me! It's so hard doing it with just brow powder...I'm so itching to take my brow pencil out!

Hahaha! Dragged my dear friend and Style Blogger Kookie (deathbyplatforms) for another round of practice with the eyebrows.
before (she has really thin brows)
after (she now has brows!)

Now, I'm on the prowl for my next victim!


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