Monday, November 8, 2010

Artistic Make-Up Day 2 @ LCI : Prime Look

After the MAC Master's class we had yesterday morning, we all trooped back to LCI to learn all about the prime look. I brought my good friend CD to model for me. Odessa, RB's teaching assistant, took us through the basic parts of the face,etc. It was actually when RB started doing the demo and going around class that I started to feel nervous. I'm pretty confident with foundation, blush and eyeshadow application, but when it came to eyebrow definition...waaah! And it so happened to be RB's forte! RB said was very good on each step...except on the eyebrows, which she had to correct....I really need to practice this entire week for next week's evaluation...Any willing guinea pigs out there? Hahaha

   Anyway, below are some shots of my model CD, along with Mea and her model Iway and some of the demos fom class:

CD's fresh face

checking the correct shade

RB on foundation/concealer application
Mea on Iway
CD w/foundation (no flash)
w/foundation (w/flash)
RB & the tools
on eye make-up
barely there
w/eye make-up (w/flash)
w/eye make-up (no flash)
Mea on Iway
RB, hams it up for the cam
perfect lashes
almost done
Iway, almost done
Oh dear! RB on the perfect brows!
almost, but not quite done
just a li'l more
CD Before (pre-make-up)
and after!
Mea & Iway, before
and after!
I'm quite happy with the final look, well except for the brows! grrr
group shot
We really need to practice, especially the eyebrows for the first evaluation of our work next week. Wish us luck! :)

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