Saturday, November 13, 2010

Artistic Make-Up Day 3 @ LCI : Contouring & Highlighting, Semi-Smokey Look

Yesterday was our 3rd day in class. We were supposed to have an OJT at UST at 7 AM but the faculty cancelled so we only started classes at 1 PM. It's a good thing this happened since the 3rd day of class was a long  and excruciating one! Haha... It was our first evaluation on the Prime Look and I got an average score of mostly 3's and 4's with a total look achieved of 4 out of 5. I'm super glad that after correcting and being OC about my model's brows, RB told me that I almost, almost got it. So more practice for me then till I get it perfectly.

Here are some shots of Dolly, my good friend and model for the day on the prime look (Pardon me for the crappy shots, these were taken from my Iphone as I left my DSLR at home):

fresh face

slowly building
almost done

the prime look

After the primelook we did countouring and highlighting. Basically if we want any area to recede, then we have to contour, if we want to accentuate any area, we highlight. I need to make apply the contours more lightly so as to avoid the burnt look. Anyway, here's how it looked like on Dolly:
see the difference from her pics above?
her face is less fuller now

The class didn't end there,we also learned how to do the semi-smokey look which actually consists of 4 progressive colors. Below's my first take on the semi-smokey look:
building the eyeshadow
final semi-smokey look

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