Sunday, November 21, 2010

Artistic Make-Up Day 4 @ LCI : Lip Contouring & Smokey Eyes

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Yesterday was our fourth day on the Artistic MakeUp Weekend course at LCI. We had our evaluation for the semi-smokey and contouring followed by a lecture and demo on lip contouring and smokey eyes. I never thought that smokey eyes had 4 types. Haha!

I already asked Chrissie to be my model for the afternoon class but it was moved to 8AM, and she's no longer available in the morning. Hence,  I was left without a model, but Thank God for Shiela (Joaquin's yaya) as she saved me by agreeing to model for me at the last minute. 

In the end, I actually preferred having the class in the morning till early afternoon as I didn't feel too tired or stressed afterwards. Since we ended early, I was also able to go with hubby and Joaquin to his cousins' birthday party.

Anyway, below are some shots from class:
Sheila, BEFORE
Almost done (semi-smokey)

semi-smokey eyes
RB in class
smokey eyes
with falsies
final look
Carmela (Mea's model) + Sheila
group shot

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