Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CAS-MAC Basic Make-Up Artistry Workshop

Last September 11, I had the chance to participate on the Basic Makeup Artistry Workshop of Center for Aesthetic Studies (CAS) and MAC. Being a newbie on cosmetics, I tried to absorb as much information/skill as I can. But honestly, it sure felt like the 3 hours we spent was too short! The only demonstration Ms. Mari Wild of CAS was able to share was how to do the infamous smokey eye look!

Anyhoo, I would just like to share some of the tricks that Ms. Mari Wild of CAS shared with us during the session which might come in handy to all you girls out there:
  • Make sure that your face is clean and moisturized before putting on make-up
  • Apply foundation first, then concealer and set with loose powder--> this one kinda confused me as I had thought that concealers should be applied before foundation.. =(
  • When applying blushes, do not brush/stroke it across the cheeks, just smile and pat the blush on the apple of your cheeks
  • Use eye primer to make your eye shadow/s last all day. You can also use a little foundation on the lids and dab with a little powder for an even base
  • Slightly open your mouth when applying lipstick so you can apply it more evenly
  • It's the mascara applied on the roots and not the ends that create the illusion of length
  • To keep your eyes from blinking when applying mascara, slightly open your lips
  • Contour for fuller lips: After applying lipstick, dab a lighter shade of lipstick/concealer on the middle of the lip and lightly blend towards the corners using a lip brush 
  •  Chill your eye/lip pencil in the fridge to ensure precision during application
Below are some pics I took during the workshop (sorry for the blurry pics, was only using my Iphone 3GS for this):
staring at my shoes during class
the girls during make-up application
some of the MAC makeup we were allowed to use

the other girls applying eye make-up

me with blue eye shadow and eyeliner, haha

For more information on Center for Aesthetic Studies' Makeup Workshops and other courses they're offering, check out the CAS Website

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