Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Joaquin's First Haircut

Joaquin had his first haircut yesterday and he was super excited to get one. We were supposed to wait until his first birthday, but he's getting so irritated with his long hair already. Hence, we decided it was time to chop his hair off. Funny how behaved he was when Mang Nonoy (the barber) started shaving his hair. Just look at these photos:

looking at his haircut

getting sleepy
hi Mom!

Nice haircut!

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The mohawk was supposed to go a littlle thinner but Joaquin was getting irritated by all the hair that fell to his face and top. Hence, we told the Barber that it was okay to stop.

After the cut, Joaquin pretty much enjoyed his new hairstyle! And so did me and hubby! =)

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