Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY Lip Palette

There have been several versions of the DIY lip palette online and I decided to do mine. It pisses me off when I see my lipsticks get all messy inside the tube and so I decided to transfer them into a palette, which would be a lot easier to scoop up with a spatula especially while doing make-up on other people.

I found the perfect palette-to-be a couple of days ago from Daiso, a Japanese home store selling everything either for 66 or 88 Pesos. This was actually intended as storage for jewelry or crafts. I loved that its main case is balck and has 15 wells. The size of each well was actually perfect and could fit a full lipstick. It costs 66 pesos a piece and I got a couple of pcs.
with packaging

back view
While others just spat their lipstick into the wells, I prefer melting them and pouring them slowly into each well just so they look all clean and organized. I'm OC that way! Haha
several lipsticks in place
I also peeled off the labels of each lipstick and stuck them on the cover just so I'm reminded of the shade/brand of each lipstick.
cover with labels
I have yet to fill the entire palette, if only I have more time.

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY post...More to come!


  1. genius! how to melt the lippies? microwave?

  2. You can melt them in the microwave for a few seconds but I'm too scared to do that as it's something I can't personally control. I just melt them on a spoon over a small candle. =)

    You can also just dump the lipstick into the wells of your palette and leave them on the dashboard of your car to melt...haha! I heard some people are actually doing this trick!


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