Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Charm Pro vs Dashe 21 Pc. Make Up Brush Sets

This Dec. 10 and 11 will be our finals for the Artistic Make-Up class at LCI. We're supposed to do 4 looks per day and I'm kinda panicking already on how I would make sure I have enough clean/usable brushes until my 4th look. I only have the Suesh 21 pc. set and several brushes from MAC which can probably last me for 2 -3 looks. I'm pretty sure I won't have enough time to wash and dry the brushes for the last look and was wondering if it's better for me to get another affordable brush set.

As such I'm actually torn between getting the Charm Pro 21 pc. brush set or the New Dashe 21 pc. brush set. Below is a comparison of the two sets based on the imformation I was able to get online:

Charm PRO set:
Price: 3,200 Pesos
Made from animal and synthetic hair
Brushes included in the set (from L-R):
  1. retractable lip brush
  2. fan brush
  3. brow spoolie/lash brush
  4. mini fan brush
  5. eyebrow defining brush
  6. bent liner brush
  7. angled liner/brow brush
  8. precise concealer brush
  9. flat liner brush
  10. precise crease blending brush
  11. pencil point brush
  12. angled shading brush
  13. tapered blending brush
  14. eye shader brush
  15. wet/dry eyeshadow brush
  16. concealer brush
  17. angled contour brush
  18. foundation brush
  19. small powder/blush brush
  20. large powder brush
  21. duo fiber brush

New Dashe 21 pc. Brush set
Price: 2,500 Pesos
Made from animal and synthetic hair
Brushes included in the set (from L-R):
  1. retractable lip brush
  2. eyebrow comb
  3. mascara brush
  4. eyebrow brush
  5. precise eyeliner brush
  6. flat definer brush
  7. mini shader brush
  8. angled brush
  9. blending brush
  10. pencil brush
  11. tapered blending brush
  12. fan brush
  13. eye shader brush
  14. cream eyeshadow brush
  15. concealer brush
  16. foundation brush
  17. contour brush
  18. blush brush
  19. round face blending brush
  20. stippling brush
  21. large powder brush
From the information above, it appears that Charm Pro has more variety and the mini fan brush is quite tempting as I've only seen this from MAC before. But I'm not quite sure if the additional 700 pesos would be worth it especially since I don't personally know anyone who has used this. It gets even more confusing especially since Dashe seems to offer more face and blending brushes at a more affordable price. Or is it better for me to just bring alng a blower so I can wash and dry my brushes? Hahaha

Has anyone among you tried any of these brushes before? Would appreciate it if you can share with me your thoughts on them...=)


  1. This is a very insightful post. I cannot believe I haven't found your blog before, definitely following! :)

  2. Hi! Wondering if you found the answers to your questions already... I'm really curious! I'm looking for an affordable set of brushes too... :)


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