Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Z Palette

A couple of months back, I was able to find a local seller of the Z-Palette. It was also nice that they had the large zebra print one which I have been lemming for. Since the time I got it, I have long wanted to post a review on this magnetic palette and finally, I found the time to do so...

Anyway, what is a Z-Palette you may ask? It is a customizable magnetic palette. It can hold any pan size from any brand. Below are some shots of the Z-Palette I got

So why choose the Z-Palette over the MAC Pro Palette?
  • It is more spacious. It can actually house 28 MAC eyeshadow pans ( at 7 columns x 4 rows) vs. 15 pans on the MAC Pro Palette (at 5 columns x 3 rows).

  • It has a clear cover which allows you to see its contents without having to open the lid. This saves time especially on make-up gigs.
 It's magnet attaches to the pans more firmly than on MAC's Pro Palette. 

  •  It comes in various colors and prints (like this cute Zebra print).
However, there are still some things that made me prefer the MAC Pro Palette than the Z-Palette
  • The Z-Palette is much much heavier than the MAC Pro Palette. I could already imagine the additional weight this would bring into my traincase if I would use this instead of MAC's Pro Palette.
  • I prefer having dividers in between each make-up pan, especially for pressed powders/shadows as having them lined next to each other would be quite messy.
  • It is made of laminated cardboard so you cannot really keep it anywhere near liquids.
  • It is a little more expensive than the MAC Pro Palette.
In case you're wondering where to get this in Manila, you can try http://weheartmakeup.multiply.com

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