Friday, August 12, 2011

Suesh Airbrush Workshop

Last July 16, I attended a 1-day Airbrush workshop conducted by Dara Plan at Suesh's Showroom and Studio at Wilson, Greenhills, San Juan. I initially thought that it was just a half-day workshop but according to Sheryl of Suesh, they extended it by starting at 10 AM instead of the usual 1PM so the participants can actually do more of the hands-on exercises and avoid having to extend until 8 or 9PM in the evening.

The workshop was very helpful especially for people like me who have never actually done airbrush make-up before. Dara went through the history, uses, parts and other trivia about the airbrush system before going into the basics of how to use it. What's nice about this workshop was that Suesh provided the compressors, guns and make-up that we would need care of Glambox. This was a big plus especially for me, who wanted to try out aibrushing first before getting myself a kit. It was also a great advantage for all of us since other workshops would require you to bring your own system. The Glambox system is a lot similar to Dinair's personal pro system. Both the guns they use were single action and much easier to handle than the dual-action gun especially for beginners. Both their compressors were also lightweight. The only difference is that Glambox's make-up is silicone-based while Dinair's is water-based.

Anyway, the workshop reminded me so much of Art Class. I totally had a blast spraying "colored-water" on paper either on grids, lines or circles.

Dara also did a demo during class. The airbrush make-up she applied was hardly noticeable. You'll just see that the model's skin seemed flawless after the airbrush application which was great!

But the best part was actually having to put on the airbrush make-up on our own faces. It was really very difficult at first as I cannot clearly see the results, or maybe it was because I didn't know what to expect. Anyway, the make-up really did feel light on the skin. I actually tried to keep it on for a few hours just to test its lasting powers. It did last alright but it started to feel a little sticky after about three hours. I think it would've been better if we tried to set it with powder just to make it matte for a longer period of time. Honestly, prior to this workshop, I was so sure of buying the Temptu Pro Airbrush kit and was actually saving up for it. But since Temptu is also silicone based, and thus might also feel a little sticky after some time, it made me reconsider and think about getting maybe the Dinair kit instead.

Overall, I think the Php 3,000 they charged us for the workshop was reasonable. I learned a lot from the practice sheets and the demo that Dara did but  I think it all boils down to practicing on your own. Just like doing traditional make-up, you really have to practice, practice and practice in order to get the results you want.

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