Friday, April 29, 2011

Merceditas Gutierrez Resigns!

Philippine Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is scheduled to face a trial on the Senate soon. But before she even made it there, she personally submitted her resignation letter to PNoy earlier today.

In her statement on TV, Gutierrez said: “By tendering my resignation effective May 6, 2011, I hope we can now all focus on the problems of our people, rather than expending efforts and resources to remove me from public office.”
“In the past weeks, it has become evident that the villification by my detractors will go on… I wanted to face my accusers whatever the personal agony it may have involved but the interests of my family, my office and nation are more important,” Gutierrez added.
“The President needs an Ombudsman with whom he has full confidence,” Gutierrez said, and that “the country needs a full time Ombudsman, and a full-time Congress” which would not have been possible had she stayed in office and went through a Senate trial.

Below's a copy of the alleged resignation letter she submitted:

Well, if this is true, all I can say is....FINALLY!!!

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