Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Fashion Show: Style Origin- Fashion Beats @ Greenbelt

Thanks to RB Chanco, I was able to be among one of the make-up artists for last Saturday's, (Mar 26) Fashion Shows for Spring/Summer 2011 Collections at Greenbelt. Finally had the chance to experience the rush of having to do make-up one after another for over 6 hours straight! It's a good thing the required look was only the prime look in peach/pink shades...Haha...What was really fulfilling, well aside from having to do make-up for about a dozen people, both kids and adults, was I got to do it for topmodels such as Mia Ayesa and Ornussa Cadness....yay!

Below are some pictures from that gig...

I was too shy to take before pics of Mia Ayesa and Ornussa Cadness, so these are all shots with make-up... :)

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