Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NAIL ART: Leopard Nails - My First Attempt

I have tiny hands with tiny fingers and uber tiny nails. As such, I've never really tried having nail art done on my nails at a salon. As I was attempting to do my nails while Joaquin was asleep this weekend, I decided to finally use the nail art pen I bought months ago. I wasn't really sure with what I wanted to do so I just played with it and came up with, tiny leopard prints on my tiny nails:
Just in case you're wondering what nail colors I used, here they are:
And oh yes, I love cheap products! =P

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  1. For your first attempt at nail art i've got to applaud you. Nail art isn't easy to do even when you're qualified and experienced in doing so. They look really good well done


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