Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make-Up School Essentials Part 2

As promised, here's the second installment of my Make-Up School Essentials series.

B. Skin Care & Other accessories

1. Make-up Remover - I prefer wipes, as this is easier to carry and will not require water for washing off.

2. Facial mist - to freshen up the face.

3. Toner - you can skip this but I prefer adding this extra step to prep the face for moisturizing.

4. Moisturizer & lip balm - for the face and under eye circles and lips.

5. Foundation primer, eyeshadow primer - you can also skip this but if you want to make the foundation/eyeshadow stick and  last longer, you may want to use a primer

6. Facial cotton squares, facial tissue, cotton buds, sponges (but I do not use sponges. I feel like it only absorbs the product/make-up.)

7. False lashes and lash glue

Now that were done with the tools and skin care items, let's go on to the more exciting part--MAKE-UP!

C. Make-up

1. Foundation - You must have at least 3 shades of liquid or creme foundation (light, medium, dark). Ideally, you should have all shades but to be practical, you can just have 3 and just mix them in case your model/subject's skin tone falls in between these shades. Filipina/Asian skin is generally yellow-toned so pick shades that are warm, e.g. NC shades from MAC. Choose a foundation that has buildable coverage. It should be able to provide as much coverage as needed.

2. Concealer - Choose liquid or creme form in at least 3 shades (light, medium, dark). Similar to the foundation shades, you can just mix them as needed.

3. Powder - Necessary for setting foundation and concealer. It is also better to use powder foundations  to provide full coverage. You will also need at least 3 shades of this (light, medium, dark).

4. Eyebrow pencil/powder/gel - In light, medium, dark brown.

5. Eyeshadows - preferably in powder form, make sure you have the neutrals preferably in matte, highlighters (yellowish/whitish yellow shades), matte black, as well as colored ones in various finishes

6. Eyeliner - must have black in liquid and pencil form, should be water-proof and smudge-proof

7. Mascara - thickening/lengthening, water-resistant, black

6. Blush - preferaly in powder form. Make sure you have at least a pink and a peach shade, if possible, have pink with lavender, pink with red, pink with brown

7. Lipliner - must have the liptone or close to natural shade(brownish pink + slight violet).

8. Lipsticks - must have the close to liptone or natural shade, plus pink, pink w/brown, pink w/orange, pink w/red, brownish orange. Better if you have a wider variety of shades and finishes to choose from

9. Contour/Highlight Powder - extremely light and extremely dark powder shades for contouring and highlighting

So these are all the basic items you will need for school although some teachers may require additional items than those I have listed above.

 As for the brands to use, it is best to work with what you can afford. Make-up school will require you to buy a lot of stuff and it is quite impractical to go all mid-to-high-end brands all the way.

There are actually a lot of good low-to-mid drugstore and local brands which you can use. Think L'oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, 4U2, PAC, In2it, Fanny Serrano, Ever Bilena, Elianto, etc. Palettes from Coastal Scents and Dollface, and other online sellers can also be used.These brands have a wide range of products some of which are excellent dupes to the more expensive brands.

I'll be doing separate posts on the low-mid brands I have worked with and are excellent dupes for the more expensive ones so watch out!

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