Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well actually, I didn't personally haul these MAC products. I had asked my aunt to purchase some MAC stuff for me from Canada which amounted to around 300 Canadian dollars and she ended up giving them to me as my pasalubong when they arrived in Manila last Jan 26. She and my other aunt even added several more items to my list.

Imagine the huge smile on my face as she handed to me this bag:

I felt giddy, like I was a kid opening my gift on Christmas eve. Haha...And here's what's found inside:
- several foundation pumps (for my studio fix flluids), yay! no more mess!
- eyeshadow refill pans (embark, satin taupe, cork, naked lunch, fiction, shroom, bamboo)
- lipsticks (russian red, twig)
- slimshine lipstick (grenadine)
- studio stick concealer in NW20
-  impeccable eyebrow pencils (blonde, taupe)
- limited edition eyeshadows (knight, 100 strokes)
- blush refill pans (pink swoon, melba, dollymix)
- pro color palette

I just hope this loot will stop me from buying make-up for some time...haha


  1. wow, that's a lot of pasalubong! congrats hehe.. are MAC cosmetics cheaper in canada?

    btw, im your newest follower, i hope you could check out my blog too and follow me. ;)

    _sugarnspice_ of GT

  2. Hi @ Vanity's Child! Thanks for following..

    MAC is actually cheaper in Canada vs. here in Manila but with the current exchange rates I think MAC is now cheaper in the US than Canada.

  3. wow, that lot looks amazing! I just did a major mac haul too! I know this sounds crazy but I won $1000 worth of MAC lately so I did my haul here: It's like my most epic haul haha. I'm giving out most of my prize so see if you're interested. Great blog hun, xoxo Roseanne

  4. @Roseanne, Thanks! Lucky you! I'd probably die gasping for air as soon as I find out I won $1,000 worth of MAC stuff! LOL


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