Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make-Up School Essentials Part 1

I have gotten several requests to list down the stuff that you will need when you consider attending make-up classes. Note that, with the exception of Maquillage Professionel, materials like make-up brushes, make-up and other stuff are not included in the school fees. So it would be best to build up your stuff even before going to make-up school so you won't be overwhelmed as soon as the teachers hand out to you the list of materials that you would need.

As such I have summarized below the essential materials you need to prepare should you would consider going to Make-Up School. This is just the initial installment as there are quite a lot of materials needed for school.


1. A decent Make-Up Brush Set (with a wide variety of brush types)

It is a must that you get yourself a good set of make-up brushes. Ideally, if you can actually afford it, it would be best to get the actual brush brands you intend to use when you go pro, like the much coveted MAC brushes. This is so you can familiarize yourself already with each brush type and how it works for you. You would need to spend a lot for it though given that a single MAC brush can cost from P1,200+ to as much as P3,000 each.

But if you want to be practical, it would be best to choose more affordable brands like the local ones Suesh, Dashe or Charm brush sets. I personally chose the Suesh 21 pc. brush set. It may not be the best quality brush set out there, but it's good enough for school , has enough brush range and most importantly it gets the job done. I used my set the entire time I attended school and it still looks pretty brand new after. Although I personally find some of the face brushes to be just a little scratchy, but still manageable. The only thing lacking from this set is a blending brush, which is super essential in creating good eye-make-up. So you may need to buy an additional blending brush, like the MAC 217 aside from this set.

For make-up school you need to have the ff. brushes at the very least:

-FOUNDATION BRUSH: a synthetic foundation brush like the MAC 190 will do so you don't really have to buy the MAC 187 for this. I have both and during school, I would reach for the MAC 190 more often than the 187. The foundation brush included in the Suesh set is also good enough.

-CONCEALER BRUSH: a synthetic concealer brush would be better for creme/liquid concealer application. I find the small one included in the Suesh 21 pc good for concealing flaws. But it would be better to have a bigger one too.

-POWDER BRUSH: a full dome powder brush, can be natural or synthetic, as long as it gets enough make-up and is not scratchy. You can try the MAC 150 powder brush as it's big enough and would easily apply powder on the entire face. The powder brush included in the Suesh set is also a good powder brush but it feels a little scratchy during the first few uses.

-BLUSH BRUSH: I prefer using a fluffy blush brush as it easily deposits color. For MAC, you might want to get the MAC 116 brush. The one included in the Suesh set is okay but I just wish it's shape was a little more fuller.

-CONTOUR BLUSH: an angled fluffy brush would be perfect, just like the MAC 168. The Suesh contour brush is also okay but similar to the blush brush, they could've made it a little fuller and softer.

-several EYESHADOW (at least 4) in various sizes: the ones included in the Suesh set are really good so you can put off purchasing the MAC ones (213, 239,  242, etc.) for school especially if you want to be more practical.

-BLENDING BRUSH: If there's actually just one brush that you can get from MAC, then it should be the MAC 217 brush. No other blending brush I have tried so far, (i.e. Coastal Scents, Bedazz, Charm) has matched the 217. Although the one from Charm blends quite good, but is just too scratchy on the lids.

-EYELINER BRUSH: The one that comes in the Suesh set is good, even the one that comes free with the Maybelline gel liner is also good enough so there's really no pressure to get the MAC eyeliner brushes. Any brush that's soft but sturdy enough to line the brows using gel liners will be okay.

-ANGLED EYEBROW BRUSH: I honestly didn't like the one that came in the Suesh set as the bristles were just too uncontrollable for me. I prefer using the synthetic one I got from ShopSui (Megaga brand) or the MAC266 for defining the brows.

-EYEBROW SPOOLIE: Any will do and you can even use the disposable ones they gave you for free at the MAC counters. But it's a must that you have one as you will need this for grooming the brows and in removing excess mascara fom the lashes

-FAN BRUSH: The one that came with the Suesh set is also good. You just need the brush in dusting off excess makeup or in light application of highlighters.

-LIP BRUSH: The one that came with the Suesh set is also good. It's similar to MAC 316 that comes with a cover. I perdonally think any brand of lip brush will do but make sure the edge is tapered so it would be easier to apply lip color.

Anyway, these are ctually the brushes I always reached for during make-up class and  whenever I do make-up for myself and other people.

Aside from the brushes above, you would also need to invest on the ff. tools:

2. Tweezers (slanted and flat tip) - needed for grooming eyebrows, holding onto false eyelashes

3. Eyebrow scissors & razor  - for trimming/shaving eyebrows

4. Pencil sharpener - for sharpening pencil eyeliners, brow liners, lip liners

5. Mixing palette and spatula - for mixing liquid/creme make-up

6. Cup - to hold your brushes while working, don't use the ones made of glass though as you don't want to accidentally break them.

7. Train case - not really a must but it would be easier to lug your stuff around if you have a sturdy train case. If you can, opt for the one that comes with trolley so you can just push or pull it around.

Well, that would be it for now. I'll do a separate post on the other items like skin care and make-up products you need to have for school so watch out!

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