Saturday, March 5, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, our family took a trip up North to visit relatives. There were about 20 of us so we decided to rent a mini-bus/ coaster. hubby and I were so excited since it'll be Joaquin's first time to travel quite far and to hit the beach. Water-lovers that we are, we're so glad that Joaquin enjoyed his dip at the hotel pool as well as at my Tito's private beach.On our way back, we also went up to Baguio to eat Bulalo and buy some stuff from Good Shepherd.

Anyway, I was really worried about the photos for this trip given that my trusty DSLR's lens is stuck, I'm not sure if my expired films and Lomo cams wold not fail me after being unused for more than a year. Despite several booboos (leaving the lens cap on and putting the wrong ISO settings), I still managed to get some decent photos using the Diana F+, Diana Mini, Fisheye 2 + Fisheye Sub and LC-A. Enjoy the pics!!!


  1. Ang ganda ng colors!
    Andami mong dalang cameras :)
    I also own a diana but haven't got a really good shot. Laging over/underexposed :/

  2. Hi @ Chiz Mozo! I used to have a lot more lomo cams and would nomrally bring all of them during trips. But since I had a baby na, I had to let go of most of them since I won't be using them as much, sayang lang...

    Anyway, just keep shooting, that's the beauty of lomography, you'll never know what to expect from your shots, parating hit or miss... =)


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