Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magnolia's ROBOT TVC

When I saw this TVC over the weekend, it made me realize how we as mothers tend to talk harshly, without really thinking, and normally it's simply due to our emotions at that particular point in time. It reminded me of how I would sometimes raise my voice and say "No!"," That's bad!" or "Stop that!" to my 20-month old son...oh yes, as if he could actually understand why...After that, he would just smile, hug and kiss me as if nothing really happened...Haaay...kaka-guilty! I promise, from now on I will really try to be more patient with you, my super kulit Baby Boo!!!

Great Job Magnolia, it's now quite rare that we get to see commercials that touches us the way this one did.


  1. That's the joy of having children, never fail to put a smile on our face. Happy parenting to you

  2. Thanks Aries! That is so true! We're truly lucky to have been blessed with these little ones! :)


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